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There is one thing that's better than mountains. It's mountains that we haven't climbed

Kyrgyz Alpine Club was established on the 4th of August of 2000 by the initiative group which represented most of administrative regions of Kyrgyz Republic.  The main objective of Kyrgyz Alpine Club is development of climbing and mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan.  Everyone of age 18 and older regardless of citizenship is welcome to join Kyrgyz Alpine Club. We also have close relationships with the Kyrgyz Mountain Guides Association (KMGA) and the Rescue In Mountains (RIM) to share our common goals.


Objectives of Kyrgyz Alpine Club

  • Arranging of various climbing and mountaineering activities
  • Participating in climbing / mountaineering competitions
  • Advertising and distribution of information to promote climbing;
  • Different activities on environment protection
  • Elaboration and conducting of programs improving mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan
  • Cooperation with the state, public officials and private entrepreneurs contributing to the development of mountaineering and climbing
  • Assistance in professional training of personnel for mountaineering: guides, porters etc
  • Representation and protection of its members’ interests in the state, public and other organizations
  • Coordination, consulting and methodical assistance for climbing and mountaineering sphere
  • Promotion of climbing, mountaineering and sport
  • Support of mountaineering teams representing Kyrgyzstan in different competitions
  • Implementation of other activities in accordance with the legislation of Kyrgyz Republic


Achievements by Kyrgyz Alpine Club

Club conducted expeditions in the following areas of Kyrgyzstan:

  • Tien-Shan: Western Kokshal-Too (Fersmana Glacier, Malitskovo Glacier, Kara Gakar, others), Borkoldoy Range, Djangart Range, Ak-Shirak Range, At-Bashy Range, Sonkul Canyon, Torugart-Too
  • Pamir: Lenin Peak
  • In 2001 Kyrgyz Alpine Club supported filmmakers of Kyrgyzstan with the ascent to unclimbed peak, which consequently were named after the 60-th anniversary of the Kyrgyz cinematography.
  • In 2002 KAC conducted International Mountain Festival on Lenin Peak. More than foreign 70 climbers from different countries and more than 300 local climbers took part in the Festival.
  • In 2002 the first ascent of the nameless peaks of Kyrgyz Range were made. The altitude of the peaks is 4040 and 4060m. Those peaks were named “Alykul” – after the Kyrgyz poet – and “Artem Borovik” – after the well-known Russian writer, publicist and editor.
  • In 2008 Kyrgyz Alpine Club as partner participated in the project of renovation of Ak-Sai Hut on Ratsek site in Ala-Archa.
  • Traditional Alpiniada, the May-Day climbing competition in the Ala-Archa Gorge – is conducted every spring. Climbers and mountaineers from all over the country and abroad participate in it.


Organization of Kyrgyz Alpine Club. Board members of Kyrgyz Alpine Club

  • Vladimir Komissarov – President of Club
  • Alexander Gerasimov – Vice President of Club
  • Margarita Turova – Secretary General


Departments of Kyrgyz Alpine Club

  • KAC Section of Chui region and Bishkek: 182 members. Chairman of the section is Viacheslav Musienko
  • KAC Section of Osh region: 16 members
  • KAC Section of Issyk-Kul region: 32 members. Chairman of the section is Anatoly Priteev
  • KAC Section of Naryn region: 22 members. Chairman of the section is Isabek Abdygaziev
  • KAC Section of nonresidents of Kyrgyzstan: 15 members. Chairman of the section is Alexander Gerasimov (Russia)


Non-residential members of Kyrgyz Alpine Club

  • Injeong Lee (Rep. Korea) – Honorary President of Club
  • Hank Hwang (Taiwan) – Honorary Vice President of Club
  • Pat Littlejohn (UK) – Honorary member
  • Sergey Klovanich (Ukraine)
  • Renee Hopster (Holland)
  • Sergey Pensov (Russia)
  • Chun Da Ho (Taiwan)
  • Alfred Bruhlmann (Switzerland)
  • Herry Huang (Taiwan)
  • Vincent Lin (Taiwan)
  • Rachel Ting(Taiwan)
  • Boris Krielen (Holland)
  • Ramon Sijmons (Holland)
  • Werner Boschmann (Germany)
  • Patrick Barrow (Australia)
  • Katsumi Miura (Japan)
  • Zsolt Paulovics (Hungary)

Rescue Service. Rescue In Mountains

Rescue team leader: Valeri Korolev



ITMC Tien-Shan, Kyrgyzstan

ISM (International School of Mountaineering), UK

President of Korean Alpine Federation – Mr Injeong Lee

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