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There is one thing that's better than mountains. It's mountains that we haven't climbed



In our turbulent world, security is paramount.

And many unpleasant events can be avoided if you follow a few simple rules

1️⃣ Be vigilant
When in a group or public place, pay attention to your surroundings.

2️⃣ Leave the jewelry at home
Do not wear jewelry or expensive clothing that betrays your financial situation.

3️⃣ Keep track of your luggage
Remember, if your fellow traveler or new acquaintance is next to you at the airport, bus station or railway station, it is far from the fact that he is the same traveler.

4️⃣ Documents love copies
If you are traveling outside your home country, please make copies of all your documents.

5️⃣ The hotel is not a fortress
Bearing in mind the expression “My home is my fortress” when staying at a hotel, use all precautions.

These simple methods will help you get out of trouble.

And most importantly – when going on a difficult journey, and even more so – on an expedition – be sure to insure yourself. Our company is at your service! Insurance company NSK