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Transportation and vehicles


There are several ways how to get to Kyrgyzstan: by air, by railroad or by car. To get around inside the country is more convenient by car and sometime by air. Most of the mountaineering regions can be accessed only by all-wheel off-road vehicles. Helicopter might be the only option to access some regions of the Central Tien-Shan and Djangart. Walking time to those regions is about 4-7 days. There are several considerations when choosing vehicle, not only roominess but first of all cross-country ability. For instance, sometimes river crossing ability becomes of the main importance. The other vital factor is driver’s experience in the mountains.

For example, there are many river marshes and hillside bogs – “saz” in Kyrgyz language. To avoid these traps driver needs an experience but not less important is an experience how to get out of the swamps. It’s very important for the vehicle to be equipped with necessary implements for pulling out of marsh. There is not a big amount of off-road cross-country vehicles specially equipped for expeditions in Kyrgyzstan.

This type of transportation and experienced drivers are available only at few tour operators. It pays to make an advance booking of the transport.

For expeditions Kyrgyz Alpine Club can provide full-wheel drive vehicle: All-wheel drive truck-buses:

KAMAZ 43101

  • Wheel arrangement: 6×6
  • Capacity: max 24 persons
  • Carrying capacity: 6000kg

URAL 375

  • Wheel arrangement: 6×6
  • Capacity: max 18 persons
  • Carrying capacity: 4500kg


  • Wheel arrangement: 4×4
  • Capacity: max 16 persons
  • Carrying capacity: 2000kg

Minibus UAZ-452

  • Wheel arrangement: 4×4
  • Capacity: max 7 persons
  • Carrying capacity: 1000kg

Minibus Mercedes Sprinter

  • Year of production: 1996
  • Capacity: max 11 persons
  • Conditioner