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Commercial topographical maps


Topographical maps of any kind focused on Kyrgyzstan are very scarce compared to the situation in Europe or North America, and trekking or climbing maps with trails and routes are virtually nonexistent except for those in few Russian guidebooks. Following maps nevertheless encompass some popular regions of the country and may be worthwhile to possess:

  • Tian Shan Trekking Map [Khan Tengri, Pobeda peak, Lenin peak 1: 100,000, Kirghizistan] (TerraQuest, 2014)

    A foldable, water-proof sheet of maps made in France, covering areas around Ala-archa, Karakol (Ara-kol), Lenin peak, Khan-Tengri, and Pobed peak with contour lines and approximate routes [English denotation] ▶︎

  • Garth Willis, Kyrgyzstan: A Climber’s Map & Guide [Ala Archa National Park 1: 50,000, Western Kokshaal-Too 1: 150,000, Karavshin 1: 200,000] (Alpine Mapping Guide, 2005)

    A sheet of maps with contour lines and some background descriptions for mountaineering of three regions: Ala-archa, Western Kökshaal, and Karavshin and adjacent valleys [English and Latin alphabet denotation] ▶︎

  • Карта, Кыргызстан| Kyrgyzstan Trekking Map [1: 100,000] (Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan, Den Norske Turistforening, 2006):
    • Кыргызский хребет, хребет Кунгей Ала-Тоо| Kyrgyz range, Kungey Ala-Too [Eastern Terskey Ala-too];
    • Северное Прииссыккулье| Northern Issyk-Kul area;
    • Восточное, Приисыккулье| Around Karakol, Enylchek Glacier;
    • Центральный Тянь-Шань| Central Tianshan

    A series of locally made maps based on the 1:100,000 scale SMTM in the form of a large paper [64x80cm] printed on both sides, altogether covering seven regions (in four versions) with few rough trekking routes. Although it has no remarkable features to distinguish itself from SMTM, it is relatively easy to find within the Kyrgyz Republic, and may be useful for acquiring the overview of each quarter. [Russian denotation: KGS 400 ($0)]