Orographic maps of Kygyzstan - Kyrgyz Alpine Club

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Orographic maps of Kygyzstan


The Orographic map represents detailed depiction of topographic reliefs or, especially in mountaineering, rather conceptual sketch that illustrates the relative disposition of mountain ridges and valleys, effectively used to describe the scene of the field adorned with some symbols to indicate prominent landmarks and routes. In orographic maps prepared by Kyrgyz Alpine Club based on research through a wide range of sources including documents of Soviet era, climbed peaks (▲) are distinguished from those with no record of acsent (△), and may be used for plotting a virgin peak expedition in Kyrgyzstan.

Central Tianshan Köölü (Kuylyu) range

Inland Tianshan

-Southern Interior

At-bashy range


Zaalay range

Eastern Zaalay range

Central Zaalay ange

Western Zaalay range